Future Primitive POP – Artist in Exile – Jerry Foust.

This Dallas born,  old-school 1990’s NYC transplant dropped all of his personal possessions 11 years ago and decided to pick up a paintbrush instead.  With no former art training, Jerry Foust’s unique painting style came to life in 2002 during his stay at the art commune known as The Cave on St Marks.  Work consisting of  vibrant pastel color palettes and a maze-like 3d matrix of lines, shapes, ghosts, and faces began to pour out of him onto countless canvases.

The early stages of gentrification in the Lower East Side soon bought out and shut down the radical space, leaving him and fellow artists out on the streets.  Jerry’s paintings came to serve as the only shield between him and the elements until later in 2004 when a SoHo building owner  allowed him into the ground floor of her space.  Foust began to showcase and sell his work in the very place he slept outside of – 75 Greene Street in SoHo. Here, the infamous Greenhouse Gallery was created and transformed into a multimedia wonderland that featured artists from all over the world.  This Bohemian throwback to the 1970’s stuck out like a sore thumb with its 24/7 care-free party atmosphere in the otherwise posh neighborhood and unfortunately was shutdown in 2007.

Jerry Foust’s work has been featured in numerous spaces and shows to date, but nothing quite as prolific as his time at The Greenhouse.  Those who witnessed the Greenhouse days have never seen anything like it since.  Many people think Jerry may have faded away, but only by choice of his own.  He is very much alive, still yapping his loud mouth chaotic theoretical rants, and definitely still painting.  Today he can be found setting up his bright  intricate canvases on the corner of Mercer and Spring Street in SoHo every weekend, while plotting his next greatest act…


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